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Cionex is an innovative software and consulting firm that partners with its customers to deliver practical business solutions in fields such as government, finance, manufacturing and distribution. Our years of experience providing applications, technology and high-value solutions in these businesses mean that Cionex understands how to create applications that positively impact corporate performance while reducing risk and preserving investments in existing resources.

Cionex is dedicated to providing superior planning, implementation and training services that give its customers a competitive edge and a clear path for growth.

Reliable, Scalable and Extensible Solutions

Cionex delivers solutions that provide outstanding value and performance. Using proven technologies, Cionex designs for long-term evolution with tools that are readily expandable to meet the growing needs of your organization.



Elements of Engagement


Cionex applies a phased approach in its engagement model - a simple outline includes:

  • An initial meeting with the customer to determine the business and technical requirements.
  • A proposal that states the project goals, deliverables and timelines.
  • A prototype that is built to confirm the business requirements and validate the proposed technical architecture.
  • A revised project plan that incorporates insights from the prototype phase.
  • For complex engagements, a series of focused projects to build the core architecture and applications


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Knowledge Transfer Through Partnering

Cionex learns your business and your objectives to become an active partner in your long-term success. Deploying small, focused teams that work within your organization, we ensure you maintain existing applications and extend new capabilities and facilities.


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Leverage Existing Resources

Most businesses have significant investments in existing systems. Often it is unnecessary and impractical to abandon these systems and start from scratch. We specialize in taking advantage of existing and legacy applications and making maximum value from their use.


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Core Competency

 We evaluate your current and future business requirements, bringing unique perspective to business processes, information technology capabilities, architecture and return on investment. Together we develop a solution that meets your specific needs.



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High Impact and Proven Tools

We recognized long ago that reusable software components shorten development cycles, improve quality and reduce risk. We use tools that address many of the universal challenges: business intelligence, workflow, data warehousing, content management and web publishing.