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Cionex [sounds like 'sigh-oh-nex'] is a leading management and technology services and products organization. Cionex believes in strength through networking — we enhance our expertise and experience through alliances with leading software, services and infrastructure providers.


Cionex delivers innovative, world-class, best-of-breed management information to governmeny and small and mid-size service, manufacturing and distribution companies.


We strive to deliver an immediate return on investment, painless and fast implementation and outstanding quality. Our customers enjoy easy to use applications that deliver results quickly anywhere in the organization.


Our consulting division has extensive experience in business process analysis (activity based costing/activity based management), business process management (workflow), enterprise resource management software, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business strategy and technology. We extend our capabilities through our network of affiliates and alliances to provide clients with the best possible tools, technologies and capabilities.


We work with our customers to determine the true nature of their requirements, and we work with those suppliers that best met customer needs. Our relationships with software and service vendors are second to none — consistently, our suppliers are the leading organizations in their respective fields.


We invite you to explore our site, and to contact us at any time for more information.